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Thursday 22nd September 2016 | Sam Sheppard


Here at DFHQ, we’re not ones to skirt around the big issues out there, we don't shy away from the big discussion topics, oh no, no, no..... we face them head on, fearlessly. So, at the extreme risk of alienating several thousand pet owners, today we’re looking into the sensitive issue of..... *drum roll* …....


Cats V Dogs – Which is best?

You may ask, “How do you measure this?” – a very good question, one that we asked ourselves too. So, to simplify this age old mystery, we thought we’d break it down into 3 factors: Love, Loyalty & Self Sufficiency.




Highly scientific tests have been carried out by very important scientists in white coats* (something involving saliva and oxytocin...you had us at saliva) and it turns out that dogs are in fact, more loving towards their owners. Cat owners everywhere are probably shaking their heads at this revelation, dog owners knew this already. No shocks here.

Winner: Dog



This is a tricky one. Cats have the ‘man’s best friend’ tag to compete with, that’s a tough gig. However, we believe that when it comes down to loyalty, cats can be just as loyal as their canine counterparts. Those felines just make you work harder for it, a lot harder. ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ said someone knowledgeable, so if you put the effort in, cats can be very loyal pets. Seriously.

Winner: Cats & Dogs


Self Sufficiency



Ok, so when it comes to emotional independence, cats win this hands down. We love them but dogs are needy creatures, pet me, love me, throw my ball.....enough already! Cats want 2 things: to be fed and have a warm bed....maybe a box of gravel too, so that’s 3 things. But don’t kid yourself, if you don’t provide these things, they’ll find a poor unsuspecting neighbour who will. You could fly off for a week to the Costa Brava (we're not condoning leaving little kitty home alone) and they’d be fine, they may sulk for a day or two on your return but nothing a bit of tinned tuna wouldn't fix.

Winner: Cat


Well, what do you know? There’s no winner in here, we can’t choose between them - here at DFHQ, we love them equally. Coincidence? Yup! ;-)

*they may not have been wearing white coats, we have no idea, purely added for dramatic effect.


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