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Ideas for Grandparent Day gifts

Monday 1st August 2016 | Sam Sheppard


 Celebrating International Grandparents Day


As if we need an official day to celebrate all those Nannies, Grandads, Pops, Papas, Grandma’s and Nanna’s but it seems we have joined our US friends and on Sunday 11 September we celebrate Grandparents day!  Hurray I say.


There’s a lots of ways to show that we care and to say thank you for everything that they do.  We have put some slightly different gift ideas together below to help with the planning, here are a few suggestions from us here at The Dinky Fingerprint Jewellery Company:


  1. Bake them a cake, go round for a cuppa and a chat, Grandparents enjoy nothing more than spending time with family.





  1. Make a card: get the children to do a drawing or picture and create a really personalized card.  Pinterest is great for getting a few ideas!  See the link to our Pinterest board for some more inspiration: https://uk.pinterest.com/dinkyprint/fun-hand-feet-ideas/


  1. Spend the day together and visit a special place, go out for lunch or dinner.


  1. Take a nice photograph of the children and frame it as a gift.



  1. Create a piece of bespoke sliver jewellery either from a finger print, hand or foot print or perhaps even a drawing that the children have drawn.  CLICK HERE to some more inspiration.


Here at the Dinky Finger Print Company we can create a range of beautiful bespoke silver jewellery, perfect as a special gift for any occasion.We can create a range of gift items from: necklaces, bracelets, charms or key rings plus much more.


The process is simple all we need is approximately 14 days notice.We would start by sending you an impression kit to capture the finger print or a wipe kit to take hand and foot prints, you send the kits back to us and we begin working on your chosen gift.The silver clay is cut to your chosen shape and your child’s name/ message is carefully written on the clay by hand.Once the clay is dry we then fire it in a kiln and polished to a high silver finish.We then carefully package and send you your jewellery or gift to you.


To makes sure we have plenty of time, please place all gift orders for Grandparents day by Friday 26 August 16.Please email at: sales@dinkyfingerprint.co.uk for more information.

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