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The easy way to capture your baby's key milestones

Thursday 31st October 2013 | Rachel Burgon

The easy way to capture your baby’s key milestones!


Rachel Burgon, a mum of two from Milton Keynes, runs Appy Families Ltd. Her goal is to make parenting easier through new technologies such as mobile apps.


Are you one of the 93% or parents hording a partially filled baby memory book on a dusty cupboard or in your attic? You no doubt started off with the best of intentions but life with a new baby just takes over and, in between feeds, nappies and naps, there’s simply no time to print out baby photos and record them against key milestones such as first tooth or first smile.


I am indeed one of these guilty parents and, as my kids have grown, I feel pangs of regret at not being able to answer simple questions such as how old was little Isaac when he first sat up or when did Ava first crawl. Sure, I have heaps of random photos scattered through my Facebook and on my computer but there has never been time to organise these memories and to be honest I can’t remember where or when these moments actually occurred.


But, while taking a snap of my youngest with my iPhone one day I had a ‘Eureka’ moment! Wouldn’t it be great to have an app created a virtual version of the ‘baby book’! The result after months of hard work is the Appy Baby Book which I launched in the App Store last month. The app lets parents record photos against milestones such as first bath or first steps and also gives you flexibility to add your own important events. It couldn’t be simpler and you can download the app for free.


I’m really excited by this app and hope you will be too. Check it out for free on the app store today and let me know what you think!



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