Caring for your Silver

Cleaning and caring for your Fingerprint silver jewellery is easy to do if you follow a few basic steps. Silver is a precious metal that tarnishes naturally over time and may require cleaning.


As our Fingerprint jewellery has been lightly antiqued to bring out the detail in the fingerprints, we do not recommend using liquid dip solutions as this can remove the finer detail.


The more you wear your jewellery, the less you will have to clean it. If your gift becomes tarnished you can bring the silver colour back by using a silver cleaning/polishing cloth, which has anti-tarnish ingredients, rubbing firmly over your silver in circular motions.


These can be purchased from us in the miscellaneous section.


Tarnish on sterling silver is formed primarily by the copper in the alloy reacting with chemicals in the atmosphere, like chlorine. suntan lotions / body creams.


With proper care and storage your Fingerprint jewellery will bring you many years of wear and enjoyment.


When you purchase silver fingerprint jewellery, the first thing to remember is that silver is a relatively soft metal. Even the heaviest silver will bend or break if enough force is added to it and links can be opened or broken if not treated with care. If your fingerprint charm comes into daily contact with hard surfaces then it will, scratch, dent and wear. Please check jumprings regularly and maybe even ask a jeweller to solder them closed for added piece of mind.


Silver is prone to scratching, try to minimize this by storing it correctly and treating it with care.


With a little care and maintenance, your silver jewellery should always shine.

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