Our bespoke handcrafted fingerprint jewellery is created using unique clay like material which is made by combining pure silver particles with organic binders.


The clay is rolled out and your child's finger/mould is gently pressed onto the clay to leave an impression of their fingerprint. The clay is then cut to your chosen shape and your child's name/message is carefully written by hand in the clay.


The fingerprint is left to dry and sanded before being placed into a kiln to be fired. In the kiln the organic binder burns away, which results in turning the fingerprint into sterling silver.


When the fingerprint comes out of the kiln it is then tumbled, antiqued and polished using various techniques to achieve a highly polished finish.


Finally your gift is then carefully packaged for delivery or collection.


The cost of our fingerprint jewellery reflects the amount of hard work and time that goes into producing each and every piece. We pay a lot of attention to detail at The Dinkyfingerprint Company to ensure we achieve the highest standard of workmanship around producing stunning unique handcrafted fingerprint jewellery.

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